Vertimowing is a process to remove excessive thatch that collects near the surface of a lawn. Thatch can prevent up to 75% of water that is applied to a lawn ever reaching the root system. A thatched lawn will also suffer from having a scarred appearance when it is mowed.

Vertimowing is done with a special machine that removes the surface vegetation, allowing the roots and rhizomes to remain in the soil to regenerate the lawn.

If the process is completed during the growing season of September to March full coverage can be achieved in 3-4 weeks depending on the weather conditions.

The Cause of Thatch

The Cause of Thatch

Excessive watering


Cutting too high in summer

Not mowing enough

Using a rotary mower

The Benefits of Removing Thatch

The Benefits of Removing Thatch

A healthier lawn

A lawn that is now water efficient

Requires less fertiliser (environmentally friendly)

More even colour

Less chance of dry spot

Smooth even surface when mowed

Eliminates a breeding place for pests, fungus and diseases

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